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Every serious artist or a businessman knows that a quality brand logo, makes 80% of the success of your company.

We know alot about branding and designing and specialized in the music industry as well as large and small business.

We have over 200 satisfied customers and we are always ready to develop high-quality recognizable brand logo from scratch or re-branding for you.

PS Some of our work is given below!


What clients say about us

Very good job from 5pixellayouts.com (logo redesign 3D + SoundClick Layout), low price for a result exceeds my expectations! Recommanded by your boy NapalmBeats. Thanks a lot guys!


I ordered a logo, all my wishes have been fulfilled, high quality and low price, I was very much surprised. Thank you for your business guys! I will recommend you to all my friends.

Chase Beatz

Quality execution of the order, fast turnaround, low prices, good tips and advice on the design pages! Thank you so much! Do you really #1 source of gfx design.

Eternal Imaginarium

I ordered a brand logo development, this team did it all perfectly and very quickly, I have dealt with many designers, but 5pixelllayouts and youngballsdesign best of the best. I will be glad to work with you again guys!

Steel Beatz

Deeeeam the logo was exactly how I wanted it, well worth the wait and good price! Thank you man.

Beatz By Tre

You guys are real professionals, thanks for the amazing logo! I will contact you again soon, i have a lot of work for you!

The Drum Dealers

Man you killed it! You are the best! I've seen a lot of designers who make a low quality and asks too much money for logo design like 200-300, you make high quality and just for 150. Thanks for my logo and page!

UltimAtom Production

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